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Building Athletes for Life After Sports

Push Up

National Opportunity League - NIL model seeks to Build Athletes for Life After Sports by providing them with a solid foundation. BALAS (Building Sports for Life After Sports) is a collective that will be utilized to train athletes at an early age so they don’t become fools with money. Too often, individuals chase the professional ranks of sports only to miss or make it and self-destruct. BALAS' mission is to add balance early by using business, community support, and money as motivating factors.

The vast majority of the sports world knows the NIL is truly a recruiting tool, and it currently fails to build young athletes for Life After Sports instead, encouraging them to do little to get something. In a culture where work ethic is escaping, the NOL theorizes we must intentionally add character and depth to every individual, especially athletes. BALAS is the solution. 

The creator of BALAS is a two-time all-American college football player who owned a window cleaning business doing college, umpired little league, and hustled while in college because there was no NIL. He firmly believes that the current NIL structure will only destroy student-athletes as they will need to understand commitment, hard work, determination, and the value of a dollar.  BALAS will empower them to earn money, obtain a solid foundation and learn how to build wealth. "BALAS" focuses on athletes owning and operating a small marketing business to:

  • Provide them with a real-world foundation and a reality check to realize that they may not make it into the professional ranks in their prospective sport, so they need something to fall back on.  

  • Teach them how to manage their finances and personal affairs.

  • Assist them in handling adversities on and off the court, field, and diamond.

  • Add depth, character, and substance to their lives.

  • Teach them positive values and to engage in positive activities. 

Each participant can earn monthly income and incentives and form a network of supporters. The NOL requires NIL participants to obtain a solid foundation certification, and their Coach, Mentor Counselor (CMC) will be athletes that are hall of fame inductees, who played professionally, or who received college All-American honors. The NOL selected great athletes because they possess the credentials and experiences that current athletes will respect. The NOL requires the participants to work hard and follow the rules of the agreement.

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