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Ending Generations of Hopelessness

National Opportunity League (NOL), through the sport of Opportunity, has one mission: End Generations of Hopelessness by teaching the Value of Life and focusing on the development of Foundational Skills, Champion Mindsets, and  Economic Geniuses. Many of America's young Black males have been systematically oppressed, abandoned by Black men, robbed of authentic leadership, and left behind to die physically or struggle mentally.   

NOL's primary players are males, ages 12 to 24, coached by Veterans and Barbers. The NOL selected Veterans for their common strengths but equally important was the ability to provide them with a high income while providing a dire service. 


"With access to the right resources, people can become empowered by their abilities and gain the confidence to fulfill their potential." Bruce Carter 

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CMC- Coach Mentor Counselor


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Assistant CMC
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Based on ten-plus years of trials, studies, and primary data, NOL was formed in 2018 to address the path of success for black males in underserved communities. The research revealed that the current generation perceives the first path to success through sports, and when jokes fail to fulfill success, many black males turn to the hustle game or music industry.


The NOL seeks to address deep poverty, social injustices, environmental tragedy, and the falsehood that talent-based sports are the answer for black males to achieve financial success.  Since sports play a vital role in today's society, NOL caters to elements of little league, collegiate, and professional sports.


NOL will coach, mentor, and counsel black males ages 12 through 24 based on a 12-month season. NOL utilizes veterans and barbers to serve as CMCs (coaches, Mentors, Counselors). National championships are crowned at the end of each season, and CMCs of the year are announced. 


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The foundation for success starts with adequate education and skills beyond basic academics.

Over the years, youth education has failed a growing number of students. NOL teaches practicality, common sense, consequences, servanthood, and civic engagement. NOL will create a more conscious, caring, and wealthier generation through its strategic partnerships. 



Traditionally entrepreneurship has been the backbone of America's thriving economy, especially in minority communities. 

NOL creates opportunities for rural and urban players by providing

world-class training in business development, QuickBooks, financial literacy, marketing,  negotiations, merchandising, project management, and customer service. Each player will earn a minimum of $500.00 monthly with unlimited income potential.  

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Entertainment plays a significant role in influencing youths' mindsets in today's world.

NOL believes that to change the course of entertainment, we must empower our youth to become the next generation of entertainers. Equipping youth to create positive messages is our starting point.


I promise not to expect something for nothing. I am not looking for a handout, but I would appreciate and make the most of an opportunity. I am thankful to be a Citizen of the greatest country in the world.

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 "Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed."

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr



 Washington, DC

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